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Grooming & Day Spa

Monday – Saturday
(Saturday by Appointment)

Unlike other grooming facilities in a strip shopping center or a converted grocery store we are a real Kennel with acres of dog parks and play yards. Your dog does not need to sit in a little cage all day while you are at work. He/she can be running and playing with other dogs and having fun while waiting to be picked up.


Whether your pooch is getting ready for a black tie affair or just needs a monthly haircut, we offer professional grooming by appointment. Our stylists take special pride in meeting with you and working with each pet they groom. All grooming includes: bathing, brushing, haircut, ear cleaning and hair plucking, express anal glands, nail clipping, dip if necessary, perfume and bandana or bows. (Prices vary depending on breed, size and coat condition)


Our professional staff will brush out, bathe, dip, clip nails, clean ears, express anal glands, blow dry, cologne spritz and put a colorful bandana on your pet. (Prices vary depending on breed, size and coat condition)

Day Spa

A day of pampering… Aroma therapy and music composed specifically to calm and relax your busy companion. Morning and afternoon PlayTimes, Yummy Chummie cookies, and exploring the grounds throughout the day are included. Your pet will complete the day with a haircut from our full service salon. ($10.00 plus the grooming charge)

Pampered Puppy

A special introduction to the grooming world for puppies approximately 3 – 12 months. This package is a wonderful opportunity for your puppy to get used to all of the equipment, noises and smells that come with the territory. Includes sanitary haircut, bathing and a full day of GroupPlaytime. ($25.00)