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Dangers of In-Home Pet Care Services

Dogs Are Happy To Run and Play At Our Kennel

With the arrival of peer-to-peer platforms, like Uber and AirBNB, many traditional ways of doing things have been disrupted. The next industry facing challenge by this trend is pet boarding. Online platforms have emerged, offering pet boarding services in the homes of strangers. While that kind of service may have some appeal on the surface, the closer we inspected the issue, the more clear it becomes that pet owners should be greatly concerned.

Always striving to meet our customers’ needs, we considered whether it made sense to offer in-home pet care of our own. So, we dug deeper into the matter to uncover the best approach. What we found was very unsettling. We determined that such a service is a potential lose-lose for everyone — including your pet!

Here’s why.

  1. When a dog is being kept in-home, it is very common that the dog will go looking for his owner if they don’t come home as expected. There are a surprising number of pets that get themselves lost in such situations.
  2. When desperate to find their owner, a dog who has previously never jumped a fence — or dug under one — often will. Don’t underestimate what your worried pet can do. A fenced yard often isn’t adequate.
  3. Dogs who have never been destructive can tear up your home — or the home of your sitter. Pet anxiety is real!
  4. We’ve checked — there is no insurance or bond that will cover damage or theft by any dog or house sitter, unless it can be proven in court that they are guilt — regardless what anybody tells you.
  5. Should a sitter get hurt or injured while on your property, you are responsible. Your homeowner’s insurance may not cover the damages. This could amount to thousands of dollars that you would have to pay out-of-pocket.
  6. Should your dog get sick or hurt, sitters may not have enough training and experience to know what to do. At the kennel, we have managers, veterinarian technicians, and veterinarians who will immediately address any problems your dog may encounter.
  7. For dogs in remote locations who can only be seen once or twice a day, for a few minutes each visit, we do not feel such a circumstance would provide adequate supervision to accept such a responsibility.
  8. Owners take their dogs to dog parks and daycares so they can play with other dogs. While boarding at the kennel, they get to run and play. We have 20 acres and lots of green grass. So, dogs left at home get lonely and can get into trouble. Dogs left at the kennel have fun, get exercise, and receive far better care than we could provide by sending employees to your home.