IMPORTANT NOTICE: Recently, the phone company has been unable to keep our phones working properly. We apologize for them. We have installed an emergency cell phone – (817) 600-9598 – to call when our phone system is down. Phone (817) 467-2511

Cleanest Kennel in DFW


The Arlington Fire Marshall has given us the okay to groom again. Call 817-467-2511 to make your appointments.  We will have curbside drop off and pick up as well as social distancing of 6′.

We are also doing daycare and boarding as well as selling dog food, pet supplies and do it yourself vaccinations.

The vaccination clinics have resumed on Sunday 4-6 pm and Tuesday 6-8 pm. Pick up from your car and return at the DogWash.

Thank you for your patience and stay safe!

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