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Dogs that are boarded outside have plenty of room to exercise; however if your dog loves to run, fetch, swim or socialization with others he/she can do playtime.

Dogs participating in PlayTime can do either individual PlayTime, or if they get along well with other dogs they can do group PlayTime. All PlayTime is supervised and in group, dogs are grouped according to size, age and temperament. Dogs have fun playing with other dogs.

Individual PlayTime dogs are taken out into a large play yard for 15-20 minutes of play with a staff member. This can be done once, twice or as many times a day as owners desire. Individual PlayTimes are priced at $5 each.

The Kennel offers both Morning and Afternoon group PlayTime sessions every day. Your dog can participate in either or both each day while boarding. One group PlayTime per day costs $10 and two per day costs $15. Each dog is charged regardless of boarding together or separate.