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The Dangers of Home-Based Dog Sitting Services Like Rover and DogVacay

You’ve probably seen the trend — websites that connect you with people offering up their property and services for what’s called the “sharing economy.” While we reserve no judgment for anyone who wants to rent their couch to a stranger, we have to ask: what about those turning their homes into dog kennels for the public?

Services like Rover and DogVacay provide a platform to connect strangers — those who need a place to keep their pet and those who offer their own homes and backyards to do it. In light of this, we felt a responsibility to add our two cents, as we’ve been caring for people’s pets for more than 40 years. As such, we know there’s a lot more to pet kenneling than just owning a home.

Anyone who acts as a kennel or dog daycare needs the proper education and training to do it. Unfortunately, people tend to have a simplistic mindset when it comes to caring for dogs and cats. If they’ve ever owned a pet, it’s easy to think they’ve got it all figured out. But not so fast!

Is the person watching your pet trained to recognize health issues? And if they notice a problem, are they trained to do things, like take the dog’s temperature or check for dehydration? Will they notice if your dog is feeling anxious about your absence and isn’t eating normally? Do they know how to administer the prescription medicine that you leave for them — and do they have the discipline to give the medicine according to the required schedule?

Dogs can have problems anytime, anywhere — in your back yard, at a home-sitter’s, or yes, even at our kennel. But what’s crucial is whether those charged with your animal’s care are capable of tending to these matters, without wasting valuable time (or money) in the process.

At our kennels, we’ve invested huge sums to insure our facilities are properly secured with fences, double-gating, and cameras (and yes, we make sure they are extremely clean). Dogs left with strangers, in strange places, often try to escape looking for their owners. Even dogs you wouldn’t expect to have this behavior will often surprise you. We’ve been doing this long enough that we are no longer surprised. We’ve come to expect the unexpected — and, even if we do get taken by surprise, we have the proper security in place to keep your furry loved one safely corralled.

At Country Acres Kennels, we see between 20,000 and 25,000 dogs each and every year. We have problems with less than 1% of them. And not only do we have a professional and well-trained staff, but we have a $3 million facility and a dog park covering 20 acres. We are one of the top 3 biggest kennels in the USA, so we’ve put a lot of effort into making your pet’s experience with us the safest, best experience, possible.

When it comes to the home sitters, unless they have business zoning (something not allowed in residential neighborhoods), as well as a Certificate of Occupancy from the city, and a sales tax license from the state, they are guilty of operating an illegal business. That means, at any time, they could be shut down, either by the city or state. You don’t want to risk your pet getting caught up in the bureaucratic nightmare that ensues from dealing with illegal kennel practitioners.

Whether you have to leave your pet because you are on vacation, or because you are dealing with an emergency, you can’t put a price on knowing your pet is in good hands. Either way, you’ll sleep better at night when you know your pet is being cared for by true professionals!

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