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Doggie DayCare and Group PlayTime
Most of us work all day or we are gone running errands or carrying kids to soccer games and dogs are left to entertain themselves. In many cases this entertainment manifests itself in negative directions such as digging, chewing or some other dysfunctional behavior. DayCare provides fun, exercise, and socialization for your dog(s).

The Kennel has over 5 acres of dog parks and play yards where dogs can run and play with other dogs. We divide dogs into different compatible supervised groups by size, age and level of energy. We have the space, staff and facilities to do this. Most other places that advertise day care have a small inside room which does not provide space to separate different groups of dogs, nor do they have any room for dogs to run and play and get the exercise they need.

We offer new clients a get acquainted FREE day of DayCare. This provides you the opportunity to see the Kennel and meet our staff. This also gives us the opportunity to see which group your dog(s) would best fit into and be most compatible with.

Dogs that are too aggressive for group activities can be placed in a separate training and socialization program until they learn to play nice with the other dogs.

Dogs coming to the Kennel must be current on vaccinations and be physically able to handle the level of activities consistent with DayCare.
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